I am a New York-based UX Designer & Strategist focused on creating memorable user experiences that propel my clients' business goals.


Well, hello there.

Of the nearly 80 photos snapped, this is the new professional photo I chose just for you. I hope it screams "confident 92.7% of the time" and "not afraid to present to CEOs (or the janitor)" and "I'm a generalist and a specialist—yes, that really is a thing" and "the Red Sox are the greatest team ever." 

I'm a former coffee shop manager turned UX Designer & Strategist with 9+ years of agency experience touching every category imaginable.

I'm certain that my 15 years in customer service are what engrained in me the empathy required for great UX and that being a middle child equipped me with the street smarts necessary to survive the agency world. 

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Insights and Outtakes.

I've learned to not take myself too seriously, but I am serious about my work. The ABCs of me are: I'll pull an all-nighter if that's what it takes, I'm not afraid to challenge colleagues or clients and I don't ship it if it's garbage. I value what others contribute and their results above how much time they spend working on something—I dig a leadership team with the same attitude. 

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