Toolkit + Skills

The field of UX is demanding and demands of us a resourcefulness that can only be honed through experience. In a sense, I’m a generalist because I’ve done it all: research, UX + digital + content strategy and experience design. What I’m especially good at is getting to the heart of business and user needs through the methods detailed below and applying best practices to creating thoughtful, simple, memorable experiences. I don’t do visual design and don’t believe in combo UX/UI roles. In my experience, anyone with fewer than 5-8 years specializing in both disciplines can’t do either all that well.


Process & Deliverables

Real assets from real projects. Where required by NDA, materials have been scrubbed to protect client confidentiality. For additional samples, contact me.



identify business objectives & benchmarks, Requirements gathering, stakeholder interviews & workshops, project charter/brief creation & roadmapping



site/app heuristic assessment, competitive & landscape audit, analytics review. I’m burtal and thorough. You can’t change if you aren’t willing to face the truth.



archetypes/persona creation—focused on need states more than demographics


User Journeys

Journey maps, eXperience maps, user flows… whatever the nomenclature, these are essential during my process in evaluating existing and planning for ideal digital experiences. during the audit phase, I find that a visualization of the user experience effectively highlights the good, bad and ugly. Better yet, seeing the improved user journey side by side with the old is always a show stopper.


Sitemap & IA

In a perfect world, I’m working with a content strategist who’s already completed a content audit and created a gap analysis. 75% of the time, I’m doing that myself—I’ve had some incredible CS mentors along the way.

This, coupled with the established user flows and business requirements, is what i use to help define the sitemap/ia.


Client Workshops

discovery and co-design workshops are sometimes critical to a project’s success, particularly with high-touch clients and those with complex business models, products, and/or services. I’ve planned and led more than 30 in-person client workshops. (That’s me with an client team reviewing a 24 ft. sitemap.)



Experience strategy and principles development, feature & functionality matrices, initial proof of concept development (via sketches, low-fidelity wireframe and or prototype).


Design: Wireframing

Low- and high-fidelity wireframes incorporating content, navigation & interaction design states—i prefer to use real content (repurposing existing and/or net new) for a better feel of the experience.

establish & define template & module pattern libraries

Tools: sketch, axure, omnigraffle, paper & whiteboard sketching



on-page wireframe annotations, technical specification documents, business requirements documents



low- & high-fidelity interactive wireframes for client reviews, design iterations/sprints and testing

platforms: invision, straight up html, paper prototypes


Testing + Analysis

I’ve conducted moderated & unmoderated, in-person & remote tests. Have written screeners, scripts and surveys—relevant to the insights required to create and improve user experiences. I’ve analyzed and interpreted various data points and measured against benchmarks (task completion rates, time to complete, etc.) to rationalize redesign and/or additional testing recommendations.

Test types: card sorts, tree tests, ui/prototype testing, a/b testing

platforms: validately, optimal workshop, maze, Morae, survey monkey, google forms